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   Updated  Oct. 27 , 2016  
Nice early US gallon can, still full never opened, great graphics
 Early Canadian square 5 gallon in excellent condition
 RARE Canadian pair of 10" porcelain B-A Velvet 98 pump signs
 ( curved ) for the Canadian visibles.. I've been around for 50yrs.. and never seen these curved before... they are original and made that way, guaranteed
 nice early 50's Canadian thermometer, works great      one of a kind...
Mail Pouch thermometer, from the 40-50's,, porcelain shines like new, all original and works,, the porcelain looks like wet paint it's so nice.. 
Texaco "white T " 15" SSP lubester sign, dated 10-8-46
 Made in USA.. Mint condition, day one gloss 
       2-  Different Red Head quarts,, will separately or as a group..
    Canada Dry tin palm push
      Excellent condition 
 Matching pair palm pushes ,, both same size..      
 Coca Cola thermometer 17" long
      dated 53 made in USA
   Trico Thermometer 36" long, inlcuding a Trico Winter wiper blade holder, both in excellent condition, next to mint
   nice early 7UP palm push , made in USA, MINT
 Nice RARE and very hard to find Tourist Package tin from   the 1930's
    Rare early 30's Canadian made Shell sign, SSP
 RARE Canadian 24 " dia. SSP lubester sign
    dated P&M 46. this size was only made in Canada... sign is MINT !
             White Rose yellow Imperial qts. in excellent 
             condition with original tops and bottoms..
Coca-Cola thermometer, in excellent condition , dated 41. works perfect
  Imperial Esso Marvelube Motor oil qts, all full
                  and in very nice condition
      Texaco tins, all in very nice condition, all have the company name
           " McColl Frontenac Oil Company" 2 of them are full..